Ana Nemec DVM, PhD, Dipl. AVDC, Dipl. EVDC, Assist. Prof.

Ana Nemec graduated from the Veterinary Faculty University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2004 and continued with a multi-disciplinary PhD program in Biomedicine at the University of Ljubljana. She was awarded her PhD in 2009. Ana wanted to complement research with in-depth clinical knowledge and applied for a 3-year residency training in Dentistry and Oral Surgery at the University of California-Davis, USA. Upon completion of the residency programme in 2012, Ana returned home to the Small Animal Clinic of the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana. She passed her board examination and became a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) in 2013 and has also been accepted to the European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC). Ana joined the team at Animal Hospital Postojna, Slovenia in April 2018. She is a guest lecturer at the postgraduate study programme in surgery, anaesthesiology, ophthalmology, and veterinary dentistry at the Veterinary Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia, a member and past-treasurer of the European Veterinary Dental Society, Secretary of the EVDC, Credential Committee member of AVDC, recipient of several national and international awards in veterinary medicine, an Associate Editor of ‘Veterinary Dentistry and Oromaxillofacial Surgery’ journal, a reviewer in several international journals and author of research and professional papers, but her greatest passion remains the teaching of veterinary dentistry.


John Chitty BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine. Qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1990 and gained RCVS Certificate in Zoological Medicine in 2000

Co-Director of a small animal/ exotics practice in Andover, Hampshire with a 100% avian/ exotics/ small mammal caseload- referral and first opinion. Consultant to seven zoological collections, a commercial laboratory and the Great Bustard Reintroduction project

Co-editor of three texts on avian medicine, one on rabbit surgery and co-author of a textbook of tortoise medicine. Author of various book chapters and papers on a range of species

President of European Association of Avian Veterinarians 2015-17 and on editorial board of the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine

President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association 2017-18

Rebecca Geddes MA VetMB GPCert (FelP) PhD MRCVS

Rebecca Geddes graduated in 2007 from the University of Cambridge, UK. She worked for 3 years in small animal first opinion practice, during which time she developed a passion for feline medicine, in particular geriatric feline medicine and she completed an ESVPS certificate in feline practice. In 2010 she moved to the Royal Veterinary College, London, where she completed a PhD exploring calcium-phosphate homeostasis in feline chronic kidney disease, and subsequently a small animal rotating internship. Rebecca completed her residency at the Royal Veterinary College earlier this year and is now working there as a Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine, with particular interest in Nephrology and Urology.


Vicky Lipscomb MA, VetMB, CertSAS, FHEA, Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS

RCVS & EBVS European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Associate Professor and Head of Small Animal Surgery,

Deputy Director of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Vicky Lipscomb graduated from Cambridge University in 1996 and become a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgery in 2002. Vicky became a Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, in 2003 where she is now Associate Professor, Head of Small Animal Surgery and Deputy Director of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals. Vicky’s clinical interests extend to all aspects of soft tissue surgery and her major research interests include the investigation and treatment of congenital portosystemic shunts in dogs and cats.


Vilhelmiina Huuskonen, DVM, Dip. ECVAA, EBVS®

European Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia

Vilhelmiina is a board-certified veterinary anaesthetist, who currently works as an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anaesthesia in University College Dublin (UCD), where she supervises professional doctorate students and residents for the ECVAA diploma and teaches undergraduate veterinary MVB and veterinary nursing BSc students. In addition to the full-time lectureship, she is completing a PhD in veterinary pharmacology in Helsinki University, Finland, and, as needed, anaesthetises animals in Dublin Zoo.

Prior to a career in veterinary medicine Vilhelmiina held several odd jobs, proof-reading books, making cotton candy in a circus and cooking with Michelin-star chefs. Eventually she decided to fulfil her childhood dream and started to study veterinary medicine in Budapest, Hungary, from where she graduated in 2004. After graduation she worked in a small animal private practice in Finland before completing two internships, first a small animal Rotating Internship in Helsinki University, followed by an Emergency and Critical Care Internship in Tufts University, MA, USA. In January 2009 Vilhelmiina started her ECVAA residency in UCD, where she continued as a lecturer after finishing the residency in 2012.

Professionally Vilhelmiina’s major areas of interest include anaesthesia of critically ill patients (both large and small) and anaesthesia of giraffes. She also enjoys reading, cooking, travelling and learning new languages.

Vilhelmiina is a member of Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA) and European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (ECVAA).

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