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Serbian association of small animal practitioners (SASAP) was founded as an Yugoslav Association of small animal practitioners (YASAP) on May 25th 1995, in Belgrade, during the symposium "Small animals - life and health".
The first president elected was Dr Nikola Popovic. The basic idea was to better organize veterinary practitioners who work with small animals, to improve every day work with small animals, to provide educations for after graduates and to become the member of international professional and scientific organizations. YASAP has become a full member of FECAVA and WSAVA .
Until August 2005. the Association was working under the umbrella of the Veterinary Chamber of Serbia. From 18th August 2005. the Association was legally registered as an independent, non profitable professional organization. Denis Novak DVM MRVCS was elected as a new president.
In November 2006, Association has changed the name in Serbian Association Of Small Animal Practitioners - SASAP. Since 2004, SASAP has organised more than 60 CE events and became regional leader amongst the similar organisation.


  1. organizing professional and scientific and professional meetings to inform and educate veterinarians who deal with treatment of pets through various forms - case reports, courses, round tables, annual meetings, congresses.
  2. organizing, in cooperation with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of professional development in the field of veterinary medicine, pets, the non-profitable basis
  3. organizing meetings in the field of professional and business topics for the purpose of professional education of veterinarians and small practices to improve the business environment in which small practice veterinarians work on non-profitable basis
  4. publication of various periodicals, and / or as needed publications (print and electronic), in order to inform the continuing education of veterinarians involved in veterinary medicine, pets, in accordance with the law
  5. initiating and fostering intense, positive and creative business and professional communication among all vets, especially veterinarians dealing with veterinary medicine, pets
  6. establishment of cooperation in specific situations and cases with universities, colleges, professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad that deal with veterinary medicine, pets
  7. encouraging the establishment of communication with the administrative authority for veterinary medicine in order to better regulate the business and professional work environment in which veterinarians dealing with veterinary medicine, pets
  8. giving proposals for a professional approach that meets the criteria for good and modern veterinary practice in the field of veterinary medicine, pets
  9. the presentation and representation of professional and business interests of a competent veterinarian legislature and state administration in all matters that may be important for small practices of veterinarians and veterinary medicine in general
  10. the collection and systematization of data on specific diseases of pets for more efficient prevention or preventive action as well as making recommendations regarding the implementation of adequate veterinary procedures, in cooperation with the competent institutions of allowances
  11. to promote the professional approach in which the priorities given to animal welfare
  12. commitment to provide its members access to and membership in national and international associations of significance for veterinary medicine (especially FECAVA and WSAVA and other similar associations)


ASSEMBLY - All full members

PRESIDENT - Denis Novak                                                    


Denis Novak 

Rastko Belić

Ljubomir Ćurčin

Biljana Čolaković

Milan Petrović

Ana Vukićević

Vladimir Ćurčić